Dijk4 - Restaurant Lier

From the beginning of last century the industrial site of the Hellemans mills controlled the outlook of the town of Lier. When the enterprise closed down in 1970 the buildings began to deteriorate. Building promotor Dockx called in the architect’s firm ‘ar.2’ (architects Paul Van den Cloot and Marleen Vanderstukken), in order to renovate and build 90 sumptuous apartments and lofts. As conclusion of this renovation and extension project, the Dijk34 restaurant was realized, with view on the river ‘Nete’.

The building looks rather rigid from the outside, with a finish of aluminum, glass and wood. The interior received a warm touch. A five meters long fireplace divides the space in two and provides a cosy warmth. Further, warm colours and materials are used for the interior. Dreamy curtains create an intimate character. A large window wall forms the passage to the wooden terrace which floats above the water level.


Further places worth seeing in Lier:

St Gummarus church

This is the nice tower which you can see from the restaurant. The church is a cross basilica in Brabant high gothic style. In the choir figure late gothic windows. The church has rococo confessional boxes, various sculptures and paintings.

The beguinage

The beguinage was founded around the year 1200. Throughout the centuries it was plagued by fires more than once. It was beautifully restored and since 1988, it can be found on the Unesco World Heritage List. The present beguinage forms a miniature city on an almost rectangular piece of land, surrounded by brick walls and accessible through one of four gates.

The Zimmertoren

This tower was built in the 14th century to reinforce the city wall. Later it was used as a warehouse. From 1928 to 1930 the tower was restored and functioned as accomodation for the astronomical realizations of L. Zimmer.

Source: Monumentengids, SVE Stichting Vlaams Erfgoed 

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